Pierro Quality Electrical Construction, Inc.

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Showroom Location - 2120 Gould Ct., Unit 2, Rockdale, IL
(815) 744-1935
Open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m. to Noon
Factory Certified
Factory Trained
R-Panel Trained
NEXUS Trained

Evolution Trained
"A" Phase - Commercial  H-Panel
"B" Phase - Industrial      GTS Switches
Automatic Standby Generators
Emergency Generators
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Our business is generators but our mission is to bring you peace of mind by providing an automatic back up system that keeps your electricity on when you need it most!

We sell Generac Generators exclusively!

We can service and maintain other brands
 but Generac is the brand to buy.

A few things to consider.

We start the process by coming to your home or business to perform a consultation.
You already realize the need, so we just give you the information required to make an informed purchase decision.
We will explain what is required for installation.
As times progress, parameters change with accrued knowledge.
Any unit 16 KW and above will now get a gas meter change.
It is an easy process, we will submit the information on your behalf and NICOR will deal with you directly to get the process completed.


I can only give you the required information until I believe you have grasped the concepts.

There are times however that despite our best attempts, prospective customers do not listen.
Then when the process gets underway they feel misinformed and write scathing reviews.
We do not hide information.​
Let us help you get peace of mind.